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Spring Flower Painting

Spring is my favorite time of the year (well, except for the pollen). It’s getting warmer. The flowers are blooming. And the daffodils! Oh I just love daffodils. My boys want to get outside and explore. It is the time of year that I get inspired to create art with my kids and in my studio.

Flowers are my absolute favorite subject to paint and teach to kids. Here’s a simple art project to do with your kids. Bring in some fresh flowers for inspiration!

MATERIALS White construction paper or manila paper Tempera Paints: various colors including green, yellow and white Paintbrushes Paper Plate Water cups Paper towels

Put a small amount of yellow, orange and white paint onto a paper plate.

For Daffodils: Paint 3-4 wavy circles with yellow paint. Fill them in with yellow.

Paint orange circles in the centers. Then add white curved lines to create the petals. Add a little yellow to the orange centers.

Use the green paint and paint the flower stems. Start at the flower and paint a curvy line to the bottom of the paper.

Paint grass at the bottom of the paper. Start on one side of the paper and paint lines in various heights across the bottom of the paper. Add white or yellow lines to the stems and leaves to add interest.

Optional Flowers: Choose two coordinating colors for your flowers, then dip your brush in one color. Paint a simple swirl shape to create a flower. Start on the outside of the flower and swirl towards the center. You may find that you start to run out of paint as you get to the center of the swirl. Just dip your brush in the color again, and go right over the first swirl. Paint 4-5 swirls in various sizes. 

Use above instructions for the stems and grass. Add leaves to the stems.

Happy Creating!

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