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Kids love ART! They LOVE to draw, paint, even play with play-doh!
What if you could create more art at home or in the classroom with your kids? 

I often hear from parents and teachers...
•I struggle for ideas on what to do. The sheer volume of ideas online are overwhelming. 
•What are the best art supplies to use that don't cost a fortune.
•How do I to contain the mess?
•Do I need a dedicated art space in my home?

I can help!  The art projects and resources with KIDS ♥ ART will help YOU create art with your kids in an easy, inspiring and imaginative way!

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Here's What's Coming!

I want to help parents and teachers because I understand that creating art is more than a tray of crayons and a few sheets of paper.
I am working on a place where you can access a library of art projects and resources so you don't spend another second scrolling endlessly for art ideas – I have that all covered!
In clear, easy steps, I can show you exactly how to set up, how the process works and how to minimize mess and fuss.
When you add your name and email to the waitlist list, I will send you an overview of what's inside the KIDS ♥ ART Club PLUS a free art project.
Take them on an adventure they will never forget...
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