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In the Studio

I've been a busy little bee in my studio (AKA my laundry room)! I have several projects that I have started and none that I have finished. Not too long ago, that would have really bothered me. But now I think it helps my artistic nature and creativity to put down a project and come back to it later.

So here's a glimpse into my creative world.


This is a new process for me. I have always gravitated towards landscapes and florals. But at this stage in my life, my heart is bursting with color and shapes. I mix up colors and begin painting shapes on paper until I am satisfied. There is no intended outcome. And I think that is why I love it.

New Art Box

I created the Art Box Collection to give parents art projects to do at home with minimal supplies and easy to follow, step by step instructions. I love these little boxes! The newest addition is the Under the Sea Art Box. This box was inspired by an art project I did years ago as a classroom teacher.

Aunt Monte's Art Project

A few weeks ago, I visited my aunt and uncle's little beach place. It was ravaged by Hurricane Sally in 2020 and they are really just getting back to normal. Aunt Monte was telling about the damage, repairs and fights with the insurance company. They have worked really hard to recover from it all. The last thing she has left to put the finishing touch on the condo is her turtles. They hang in their outdoor space and now that the building has been repainted, they just don't match. She asked me to repaint them and gave me the colors she liked and the freedom to do what I wanted. So my creative mind when straight to a paint pour. And oh has this has been fun!

Large Commission

A friend of mine saw the abstracts that I have been working on and asked me to do a commission for her new kitchen. She and her husband renovated an older home in an established neighborhood. It is beautiful! I feel honored that she wants not 1, but 2 pieces of my artwork hanging in the heart of their home. I am still in the beginning stages of the paintings but so far I am loving the process.

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