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Road Trip Binder

A few years ago we did the most epic road trip! My husband and I are took our two boys on a 24 hour road trip to South Dakota. I was a little bit nervous about the trip, which is why I put together these road trip binders for my kids.

MATERIALS 1″ binder with clear pouch 3 ring pouch Printables Blank paper for drawing

First, I’m sharing with you an editable cover. You can download the road trip binder cover. Once you download it and open it in Adobe Reader, you can type in your child’s name to personalize it. The fonts I used are Bromello and KG Next to Me Sketched. Both are available for download at Font Space.

My boys were ages 12 and 4, so I made different binders for each of them. However, I placed some of the same printables in all of their binders.

Here is where to find the printables:

Restaurant I-Spy | 3 Boys and a Dog

Travel Bingo | Colors and Letters Games | Cutesy Crafts

License Plate Game |

In my 4-year-old’s binder, I placed dot to dot, matching, number, and reading games from Fun Brain Jr. These are awesome! I have twistable crayons for him use.

In my 12-year-olds binder, I put in the following:

Extreme dot to dot from MindWare. Road trip games from I Heart Naptime.

Crossword puzzles, cryptograms and word scrambles from Puzzles to Print.

I also had movies, games on their screens, audiobooks, toys and more!

Are you taking a road trip soon? I’d love to know where you’re going!

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