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Nature Suncatchers

I love collecting flowers and leaves from our garden and in the wild to create with. I've found that they are so nice to have hanging in the window! My kids really enjoy playing with the flower design and creating pressed flower sun catchers! 

They are simple to create. Here is how to do it…


clear contact paper

embroidery hoops

pressed flowers and leaves

suction cup for hanging

To begin…

Cut out two squares of contact paper a little bigger than your hoop.

Peel the backing off one of your squares and lay it (sticky side up) on the counter. Place the inside circle of your embroidery hoop in the middle.

Gently place your pattern of flowers and leaves inside of the circle. TIP: if your flowers wrinkle, use a pair of tweezers to straighten then out.

When your design is complete, carefully remove the circle.

Peel the backing off your other square of contact paper and press it on top of your design. 

Place it inside of the embroidery hoop.

Cut off the edges around the hoop.

Hang in your window to enjoy!!

I’m a little obsessed with creating art from nature. If you want more, check out these projects…

Happy Creating!

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