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Color Scavenger Hunt

It's Summer time! Yay! My kids love being at home but keeping them off of devices is a STRUGGLE. So I've been busy coming up with activities to keep them engaged and away from screens. This scavenger hunt is so easy to put together and the kids have so much fun with it. The great thing is that they can do this again and again.

A paper lunch bag is perfect for the kids to store all of their nature finds. The best part about it is you can take it with you almost anywhere when you will be outside. Make it for playtime in the backyard or a trip to park.  Then return all of the finds back to nature and play it all over again as many times as you like. This little hunt keeps the kids focused and encourages them to keep exploring their environment, practice their motor skills, learn colors, and more.

Here’s how to make an easy Color Scavenger Hunt for the Kids.

SUPPLIES Paper bag Colored Markers (colored pencils or crayons will work)

Choose the colors you want the kids to hunt for and use colored markers to color in small squares onto the front of the bag. If you have kraft bags, color the squares on white paper and glue it onto the bag.

Pass out the bags to the kids. When they find an item that matches one of the colors, they place it in the bag. Sit back and watch them have fun finding all of the colors on the bag.

When everyone is finished, sit in a circle and have a show and tell about all of the items everyone found. Then, return all of the finds back to nature. 

Play it all over again as many times as you like!

Happy Hunting!

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